The Abode Project is an organisation that is working hard to improve the quality of life for the children of Uganda’s poorest communities. Kane Solo recently became involved in the project, and so began fundraising for it, eventually travelling out to Uganda to meet the children, and getting his hands dirty completing building work on the brand new Abode School and Orphanage.

The building work is almost complete and the school will officially open in January 2019. The new school and orphanage will house approximately 150 students initially, providing a safe place to eat, sleep and learn. The costs of operating the school are completely covered by The Abode Project much of the needed money comes from fundraiser campaigns like Kane’s and by regular sponsors.

Kane is raising now funds to build a Technology centre where older children can introduced into how electronics work, learn to repair simple devices, build computers, design websites, use electronic musical instruments and record digital music using computer software.

Below is a link to where you can see the progress of the project and make donations that will go directly into the maintenance and future growth of the project!